LTC combines the rapid workflow and low input mass advantages of amplicon enrichment with the UMI integration and scalability of hybridization capture.
  • Simple workflow: Target capture can be completed in less than 4 hours, with only 1 hour of hands-on time, and is easily automated
  • Scalable: Single-tube panels have been demonstrated from <50bp to >1Mb, with exome-sized panels possible
  • Efficient: High uniformity and on-target regardless of panel size, leading to reduced sequencing costs
  • Low level variant detection: SNVs, indels, CNVs and translations are detected using duplex UMIs introduced during library prep, providing detailed molecular information including start/stop coordinates and enabling detection of unknown fusion pairs
  • Broad applications: include liquid biopsy and minimal residual disease, immune sequencing, metagenomics, single cell sequencing and gene-editing characterization

2018 PLoS ONE paper

2020 AGBT Poster: Linked Target Capture: a rapid target enrichment method for diverse applications in oncology, gene editing and single cell genomics

2021 AGBT Poster: Linked Target Capture: rapid nucleic acid target enrichment with broad applications including cancer hotspot mutation identification, minimal residual disease (MRD), immune sequencing, single cell and metagenomics