LTC combines the best attributes of hybridization capture and multiplexed PCR to create a rapid, highly scalable target enrichment solution


  • Rapid: Total library prep and target capture time is ~6 hours, ~2 hours hands-on, and is easily automated
  • Scalable: Single-tube panels have been demonstrated from <50bp to >1Mb, with exome-sized panels expected
  • Efficient: High uniformity and on-target regardless of panel size, leading to reduced sequencing costs
  • Sensitive: High performance with input mass as low as 0.1 ng (30 genomes)
  • Precise: Detailed molecular information, including start/stop coordinates, unknown fusions, and UMIs, are captured compared to amplicon workflows
  • Flexible: broad applications include oncology & liquid biopsy, gene editing characterization and single cell cDNA enrichment with a machine learning design pipeline that rapidly delivers high performance panels


Learn more in our PLOS ONE paper